Lessons from Lore: How Fables Shape Our Moral Compass

what is amorality

At its core, Morality is a collection of rules or principles, guiding our behavior based on the concepts of right and wrong. It acts as our internal compass during interactions, prompting decisions that consider and respect others' impact.

Morality is inherently tied to societal, cultural and philosophical values. It differs between individuals and societies, evidence of its subjectivity and fluid nature. Over time, shifts in societal views on various issues mirror the evolution of morality.

Moreover, morality forms the bedrock of personal ethics, often translating into professional codes of conduct.

How to read a bedtime story

what is amorality

Tricks and tips strongly depend on the age of your child or children. With smaller ones (aged 2-4) the main goal is to inspire and interest, which will grow with time and become a part of a future life. With older ones (aged 5+) it makes sense to focus on different aspects of reading, like learning letters and words, understanding characters' motivation or moral problems that the story raises, for example.