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Chapter 1: The Happy Kingdom of Colorville In the heart of a mystical world full of vibrant colors, shimmering rivers, and lush greenery, there existed a jovial kingdom known as Colorville. Colorville was the most beautiful place in the world because it was where all the colors were created. The kingdom was ruled by a kind, artistic King named Francis, and his lovely, imaginative daughter, Princess Iris. They were loved by everyone in the kingdom for their creativity and benevolence. Every morning, King Francis and Princess Iris would create beautiful new colors for the world. Chapter 2: The Colorless Crisis One day, a wicked, color-blind witch named Greya, envious of the colorful kingdom, cast a dreary spell trapping all the colors within a giant crystal ball. As Greya's spell swept across the kingdom, it started losing its colors. It was a sight of utter dismay! The colorful kingdom was now a realm of grays. However, the witch's spell didn't affect Princess Iris because of her pure heart and love for colors. Determined to restore her kingdom's beauty, Iris decided to confront the witch. Chapter 3: The Colorful Confrontation and the Rainbow Resolution Iris marched to Greya's dark castle, her courage brighter than any color. She approached Greya and pleaded for her to return the colors. When Greya scoffed and refused, Iris, with her ever-creative mind, proposed a challenge. If Iris could create a color that Greya could see, then the witch would have to reverse her curse. Intrigued, Greya agreed. Iris, closing her eyes, envisioned the most splendid color she could imagine. As she opened her eyes, a new color formed, a vibrant one that even Greya could see. It was the first-ever rainbow! Chapter 4: The Revival of Colorville Moved by the rainbow's beauty, Greya shared a tear of joy, which fell on the crystal ball and shattered the spell. The colors burst forth from the crystal, splashing back into the world. Colorville was lively again with even more hues than before. Greya, touched by Iris' creativity and kindness, pledged never to trap the colors again. The Lesson Learned: The story of Colorville teaches us about the power of creativity, courage, and kindness. Just like Princess Iris, even when faced with gray times, we must never lose heart but use our creativity to bring back the colors of happiness and joy.